Senior Slams: Varsity Tennis Leaders Say Goodbye


Maddox Wade

Senior Aces: For the last four years, the Girls’ Varsity Tennis Team has shown its talent, but now the leaders of the team prepare for their high school careers to end.

Hopeful students trying out for spring sports marked the beginning of the spring semester. Legions of Dubs excitedly awaited to hear what team they made and dawned new numbers on previous teams, marking the new 2022 season. One of the more predictable rosters is found on the tennis courts, with the girls’ varsity team boasting nearly the same starting lineup as it had four years prior.

Familiar faces drive this year’s girls’ varsity tennis team, such as seniors Francie Coleman and Rebie Benedict. Three-fourths of the team is composed of tenured seniors and five out of seven starters hail from the class of ‘22. The group began their Dub tennis journey on the JV team during their eighth grade year at Sutton Middle School. Upon their promotion to high school, the impressive bunch made the varsity team all four years. “After four years of experience working as a unit, we play together really well, and you get into a kind of flow where everything just comes naturally,” said Coleman.

With four years of involvement under their belts, the varsity veterans hope to win big this year. Each year the bunch inch closer and closer to a major victory. Last year the team made it to the final four round of the state championships and—fingers crossed—hope to make it all the way this year. Their consistent improvement is no doubt due to the players’ familiarity with one another, aided by this year’s two fresh faces. The team now features two sophomores among the ranks of seniors who are gearing up to take over the sparkling legacy of their senior predecessors. “I have faith in the underclassmen to carry on our tradition,” said Benedict. “There may be only two of them, but they show a lot of promise. I know they’ll carry on our team spirit and drive.”

With the migration of the team’s majority to the bigger and better, the question must be asked of how girls’ varsity tennis is to continue without falter. Sophomore Alexandra Kazamias shows some reservations in the area. Kazamias believes that the team’s fate is hard to predict, as it is largely dependent on the talent of the up and comers from JV. Just like anything, change can be hard to cope with and it will likely take some time for the team to readjust after the loss of its leaders. But the Dubs are a determined pack and are not likely to be deterred by the challenge.