Buckets and Benefits: ‘Hoopcoming’ and the SGA’s Week of Charity Giving


Regan Murray

Baskets for Baskets: The SGA’s kind gesture of handing out goodie baskets for Valentine’s Day to close out Hoopcoming Week was appreciated by all students and staff.

Everyday is another chance to give back, and what better time than the month of Valentine’s Day to do so. Last week – from February 7th to the 11th – our SGA brought back the North Atlanta tradition of Hoopcoming, a spirit week in celebration of our amazingly talented basketball team’s players and cheerleaders. It was an action-packed week full of all sorts of fun activities and opportunities to donate to charity. 

This year’s theme, “Party with a Purpose,” perfectly described the manner in which our Warriors worked to raise awareness while showing school spirit. On Monday, North Atlanta students and staff members rolled out of bed and went straight to school in their favorite onesies and cozy sleepwear for Pajama Day. “Pajama day is my favorite spirit day; everyday should be pajama day,” says Mallory Janelle. 

Who says you can’t be comfortable while working and giving? Tuesday is for toga! Dressed looking like Greek Gods and draped in table cloths and bedsheets, the Warriors took the school’s Warrior name literally for Tuesday’s toga day theme. Doubling as Toiletry Tuesday, donation items such as feminine hygiene products, bar soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes, and more, were collected and donated to the local women’s shelter, ‘Rebecca’s Tent.’ “I saved my toga outfit for this day and I’m so glad I did,” says Madison Brown.  

Back by popular demand, Wednesday was “Bring Anything but a Backpack Day,” take two. Students ran wild with their wacky ideas for a backpack substitute, including a microwave, a tire, and even a car seat. “Of course I brought my car seat for Anything but a Backpack Day,” says Aaron Wood. “Because why not?”

 Time to raid your grandparents’ wardrobes for Thursday’s “Dress Like Old People” theme. Just like the elderly tend to spoil us with tasty sweets, the SGA gave out candy grams to those ‘special someones.’ From canes to gray-colored wigs, the Warriors truly showed out for this theme.

 Last but not least, Friday was Camo Day. While repping the military style, the Warrior family sent out letters to the warriors of our country. In the Valentines Day spirit, Mr. and Mrs. Valentine applications went out for seniors only. Votes were $1 each and every vote counted. Seniors TJ Lewis and Alicia Hernandez-Cortez were announced the winners in a tight race, as just three votes separated them from the runners-up. The money raised was donated to the Best Friend Animal Shelter, a total that ran over $100. At the end of the week, over 200 books were donated to local elementary schools and children’s hospitals. Roughly the same amount of letters were sent to the military and over 250 toiletries were given to the Rebecca’s Tent Women’s Shelter. For the grand finale – and just as a sweet gesture – the SGA delivered Valentine’s Day goodie baskets to our beloved students and counselors. Not only did they activate their sweet tooth, but they put smiles on people’s faces, as it’s all about spreading the love. 

Where are we without our Student Government Association?!