One Step Forward, Three Steps Back: Abortion Laws Sprinting Ahead


Dennis Racket

About Abortion: The Texas government has passed a law that bans abortions 6 weeks past the women’s last menstrual cycle.

The hypocritical nature of lawmakers in regards to abortion is incomprehensible in. The history of this topic dates back to the early 18th century– a time where the practice of abortion was widely practiced, and almost disregarded because of how common it was. The medical practice was (obviously) legal, until the time where the child-bearer could feel the fetus moving, also known as the term ‘quickening’. This happens well into the second trimester of a pregnancy, when the preborn is easily noticeable physically on the mother. At this point in time, no religious institution condemned the practioce of abortion, as they even outright supported a woman’s right to choose, that is, until 1829, when the Catholic Church began to publicly denounce the idea of abortion. 

Just four years later, the government began regulating abortion. Coincidence? In 1873, congress completely withdrew support for the medical practice with the “Comstock” law, making abortion drugs completely illegal. Funny thing, abortions continued to happen, just in unsafe ways. Practitioners did their work behind closed doors or in private homes. Women without means resorted to desperate –and often dangerous or deadly– measures. Delegalizing something has never proven to make that thing obsolete, just happening behind closed doors instead of in public. Another example of this “if i want it i’ll get it” phenomenon is the 18th and 21st amendments with prohibition- alcohol. In modern day, the debate of abortion is widely spoken of. People on all ends of the political spectrum agree with the womens’ right to choose, while a huge amount believe  that the medical practice should be considered murder, and is unconstitutional. 43 states prohibit abortions, except when necessary to protect the woman’s life or health, after a specified point in pregnancy. This means that after a certian time period (generally around 18-24 weeks) an abortion is prohibited and is considered illegal.

Controlling womans bodies: Texas government passes law that prohibits abortions 6 weeks past the womans last menstrual cycle, sending the media into an infuriated frenzy. Unsurprisingly, this law is not considered constitutional, which is why Texas legislatures are unable to enforce the law. In response to this regulation, the same elected officials are enlisting people to privately sue and enforce this law. Patients can’t be sued, but anyone who performs or aids with the abortion can, and now, the state is even providing a $10,000 ‘bounty’ for anyone who can successfully win their lawsuit against abortion. The law even went as far as stating that a rapist cannot sue (woah! crazy!), but someone else can sue over an abortion provided to a survivor of rape. Pro-life, or Anti-Choice?