Unconquerable: Yearbook Editor Betcy Eliseo Leads Invcitus To New Heights


Maddox Wade

Inspiring Invictus: Yearbook Editor-in-Chief Betcy Eliseo goes above and beyond to perfect the school’s yearbook.

The word “Invictus,” Latin for undefeated and unconquerable, was chosen as the name of North Atlanta’s yearbook chapter to reflect not only the spirit of the Dubs but also those leading it. At the forefront of this charge lies senior Betcy Eliseo. Not only is Eliseo revered as the Editor-in-Chief of Invictus, but she also serves as the PR representative for the study-body government, and competes on the North Atlanta Cheer Team.

Eliseo boasts more experience with Invictus than her peers due to her four-year tenure with the organization, compared to the traditional three. In her eighth grade year at Sutton Middle School, she was given an application from her English teacher that allowed her a head start on the Invictus scene. Her prolonged yearbook experience allowed her time to develop her skill and study those of the editors that came before. Eliseo cites the success of the current yearbook to the incorporation of their styles and concepts. “I have always looked up to the examples my previous editors have set,” said Eliseo. “I am bringing a lot of their work into my own.”

Along with the inspiration of past editors, Eliseo has brought in her own spin on the institution. She emphasizes perseverance, and her staff shares this value in their determination to make Invictus the best yet. “It’s nice to be able to have so much trust in the staff,” said Eliseo. “I always know they will get the job done.”

Eliseo’s yearbook skills translate into other leadership aspects of the school, such as SGA. She uses many of the same techniques from yearbook to create marketing campaigns such as flyers, social media posts, and outreach for the Student Council. “Invictus has taught me how to be a leader and allowed me to develop crucial creative techniques that carry over many aspects of my life, just like SGA,” said Eliseo.

Eliseo has been able to find a similar sense of family through Varsity Cheer and SGA that can also be discovered in the Invictus classroom. The bravado of such important activities allows her many opportunities but are also sure to place a strain on one’s mental health. Eliseo admits the tiring nature of her extracurriculars but is always vigilant regarding her schedule and is sure to never over-exert herself. “I take a lot of pride and joy in my activities,” said Eliseo. “It’s hard to get stressed overdoing things you love.”

Eliseo exhibits strong qualities of leadership in all aspects of her extracurriculars. North Atlanta students can rest easy knowing this year’s yearbook is in good hands thanks to the hard-working and dedicated Editor-in-Chief. Don’t forget to buy your yearbook!