Trump v. Clinton: Who Will We Choose?


Clinton or Trump?

For over a year, the number one thing on our minds as Americans has been the

future. More specifically, who will be left in charge to lead our country into it. After eight years of service of his country, President Obama will finally step down to make room for our new president, either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. The global phenomenon that has been the 2016 election has reached an audience so far and so wide, it’s become one of the most followed elections to date, and how it will end is ultimately up to us.

Hillary Clinton, a native of Illinois, graduate of Yale, and a past First Lady, announced her candidacy to the world on April 12, 2015. Recently selected as the Democratic Party 2016 presidential nominee, Clinton said she is making it her mission to change America for the better. If elected, she said she will work with her running mate Tim Kaine to help our society’s most needy. She plans to eliminate college tuition for low income families, open paths to citizenship for immigrants, make health care more affordable, maintain the middle class taxes, fight for equal pay, and cut off loopholes toward illegal gun possession. Despite their appealing front, many of the goals set by Clinton have been deemed unrealistic by her political foes. Despite their opposition, candidates Clinton and Kaine are keeping their chins up and envisioning an extension of Democratic Party rule.

Republican Donald Trump has a slightly different plan in mind. In the

past, the mega-watt celebrity – and former reality TV show star – has rubbed many Americans the wrong way as a result of his frequent derogatory comments against entire groups of people or ways of life. Many see Trump as a risky choice for the job while others see him as not an option at all. Yet, despite the many Americans and officials who feel this way, Trump has managed to earn himself the Republican nomination. If elected, he has promised to simplify or lower taxes, reduce income taxes, abolish Obamacare (in contrast with Hillary who plans to continue with the

system), repair infrastructure, and even allow families to exclude childcare costs from their income. Trump’s running mate is Mike Pence, the current governor of Indiana. Though currently behind in polls, Trump is determined to finish what he’s started.

All in all, America has a decision to make, one that will leave an imprint on our country for years to come. Soon, it will be up to us students to decide what’s right for our country and make the tough choices we’ve seen made so many times in the past. The next President of the United States of America will be Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Who will we choose?