Adidas vs. Converse: An Ongoing War


Sara Beth Cimowsky

Adidas vs. Converse is an ongoing battle and students continuously model both through the hallways of North Atlanta.

A new school year brings new fashion crazes, styles, and sometimes battles. What ever happened to Converse? Has our old friend Converse been cast out of our lives? Or will Converse always be around? These are deep questions that plague most of us.

Chuck Taylor Converse are universally known and adored. White, black and even galaxy chucks are only a few of those circulating the fashion scene. These trendy chucks can be seen paired with leggings, skirts, jeans and dresses. Because they are so versatile, with many different colors and patterns, they can be worn with everything.

Adidas has been around for a while, but they are well-known for their more conservative shoes. A very popular shoe recently has been the “SuperStar” Adidas. These white-and-black striped Adidas can be worn with virtually everything.

Will Adidas die out and Converse take its throne? Fans of both brands speak on the topic.

An anonymous Adidas fan (a.k.a. freshman Lenox Johnson) feels that they are more stylish. “Adidas are just more ‘in.’ Converse has been ‘out’ for a year or two now,” she said.

Although she is 5’6’’ already, she loves the height Adidas gives her. “They make me feel so tall and powerful. I will always be an Adidas fan,” Johnson said.

Hasina Tisdale, a freshman and a loyal Converse fan, feels that they will always be around. “Converse has a history. It’ll never go out of style,” she said.

As a stressed high school student just trying to get to school on time, she feels they help out a lot. “They go with literally everything,” she said, “It makes it so easy to get ready in the morning.”

Converse and Adidas will never go away, and their fans will always be around. So choose which side, and stick by it.