SGA President Wong Goes Above and Beyond School Duty


Sara Beth Cimowsky

Senior SGA president, Colleen Wong.

Colleen Wong is a senior here at North Atlanta High School, but she carries a responsibility beyond her years. As president of our student government, and an accomplished cellist, it’s easy to say she’s an incredible role model and an amazing contributor to our school.

Wong has lived in Atlanta all her life and has been playing cello for the past nine years. “Playing cello is really fun,” she said, “I have the ability to make music in a way that others can’t. Being able to create a beautiful sound is one of the best feelings in the world.”

Although it can be a challenging to play technical pieces on a hard-to-master instrument, she still thoroughly enjoys it. “It can definitely be one of the most stressful things at times when the music gets hard, but when it all comes together in the end it’s worth it,” she said.

Beyond serving as the highest-ranking student on the Orchestra Council, Colleen has participated in North Atlanta’s Student Government Association all four year of high school. She was vice president in freshman year, student body secretary in sophomore year, and student body vice president in junior year. “And now I’m student body president!” Wong said, “It’s definitely been a crazy experience.”

Many people feel that student government is a huge responsibility. Wong agrees with this but said the satisfaction of service outweighs the burdens that officers take on. “It’s an awesome way to be involved with the student body,” she said. “Student government is one of the most fun things a student can do when they want to be involved.”

Ultimately, Wong is a committed cellist, a dynamic student leader, and a role model for many. Although she carries many responsibilities, she is passionate about all of them. Whether she is coordinating prom or orchestrating a melody, Wong is a dependent warrior that North Atlanta can count on.