North Atlanta Mock Trial Exposes Students to the Legal World


Sara Beth Cimowsky

Mock Trial student Clarke Peoples is leading the club with the help of faculty adviser Ms. Chantel Lowe.

North Atlanta is filled with countless extracurricular activities and sports for our student body to participate in daily. From baseball to the Chinese Culture Club, there is truly a place for everyone. We all know enough about cheerleading, and we’re constantly hearing endless chatter about the football team. What can be overlooked in the shuffle is our school’s Mock Trial club.

Mock trial has been part of the North Atlanta scene for many years and has become a source of light for students throughout the school. “It’s a really great learning opportunity for anyone who’s interested in the law,” said sophomore Clark Peoples, who started with the club last school year. “It’s a great stepping stone to going to law school or pre-law.”

In addition to the long-term benefits of mock trial, the team is able to create a fun and educational environment for its participants. For mock trial, students act as if they are participating in a real-life court case. Schools around the state go head-to-head in realistic cases put together specifically for high school students. Teams are presented with a case and given only a few months to prepare to face their opponents in the courthouse. During preparation, actual attorneys from the area come to help the teams with their cases and give them tips on how to go about their moment in the spotlight.

During the execution of the trial, students may play either as witnesses or attorneys. Student “attorneys” are expected to learn the case materials, create opening statements, lines of questioning and cross-examinations. Witnesses, on the other hand, are prepared to learn witness statements and memorize their details so they may undergo questioning from attorneys in full truth. The resemblance to a state court case makes the experience seem real to participants.

Though the workload may be extensive for some, mock trial is a great way to broaden horizons and shape the next generation of our people in law. “Mock trial is fun, engaging, and beneficial to your life overall,” said Chantel Lowe, faculty adviser.

Meetings for Mock Trial take place on Thursdays from 6 to 8 p.m. Those interested should speak to Lowe for any questions. There are a limited number of spots so those interested should move fast.