Study Tips from Successful Students


Sara Beth Cimowsky

One of the best ways to stay organized for tests and quizzes is by keeping a planner.

As all Warriors know, North Atlanta boasts some of the best students around. Lifelong time-management skills and study habits are formed through the rigor of the IB and AP programs, due to the intense workload and tough material. As a result, these special skills – things like time-management, study habits, and the like – are learned “the hard way”: through suffering and all-nighters and even making sub-par grades.

Underclassmen, especially, sometimes struggle with the rough transition from middle to high school, and the terrifying increase in workload-material that comes with it. Luckily for those who may be struggling, there are some fabulous students out there who have some great tips that help them succeed daily. Take a look below!

Serena Miller, freshman: “It’s better to stay on top of your work instead of drowning in makeup work that you need to keep up with. And remember: No skipping class!

Fraser Pearson, sophomore: “Don’t study! Just kidding. What I do is listen to music while I study.”

Clarke Peoples, sophomore: “When I get an assignment I like to go really hard and finish it all, just finish it ASAP. I also like to take advantage of free time at school. Also, work at a desk, not at your bed, because I fall asleep in bed. Also, take advantage of advisement to study.”

Colleen Wong, senior: “Being an I.B. student, I have to be able to study for long periods of time for tests, and even so, I still have those nights where I completely cram. I do try to review what I learned every day, especially when a big test is coming up, but I’ll probably cram the night before anyway.”

Arielle Lestandie, junior: “I’m not a very good studier, but I would say not to procrastinate. Take a short amount of time per day to study, even if it’s just five minutes. I had to learn that the hard way.”

Jack Yanoshik, sophomore: “The concept of studying is just an imperialist construct of the bourgeoisie meant to oppress the common worker. Rise up against the oppressors and never study again.” (Yanoshik, it must be said, has a strange fixation on Marxist propaganda.)

Summer Epps, senior: “My study tip is to actually study, because I didn’t learn that until last year. I test myself a lot. I’ll find a practice test, and that’ll decide how much more I need to study.”

Hollis Midkiff, junior: “I take notes on my notes. I’ll open my binder, see my notes from class, and take notes on those notes. Summarize the summaries. Summaries-squared.”

Adenike Makinde, junior: “Look for online resources: YouTube videos, Kahn Academy videos, that kind of stuff. Another thing is to look at your homework the night you get it in case you need to look over it with your teacher. Then you’ll have your stuff together.”

No matter how you study, Warriors, the most important thing is the obvious: Just do it.