Ankle boots. Let’s Take a Moment to Assess.


Sara Beth Cimowsky

The angle boot trend is sweeping the hallways of North Atlanta High School.

Ankle boots are very literally the most versatile, fashionable and best addition to modern fashion on this grand green planet. The most fashion-forward addition to our wardrobes since pantaloons, these boots have provided humankind a great service in the field of comfortable style.

The moment an ankle boot purchase is made, an unbreakable bond is made between the owner and the boot. Oftentimes inexpensive and always cute, ankle boots are never a regrettable purchase. No post-splurging depression haunts the buyer, just excitement about their new addition, and concern regarding the next possible shopping trip.

The ankle boot has vast and impressive versatility. You can rock ’em to prom, wear them on walks, wear them to school, or to the grocery store. You can get them heeled or flat, floppy or stiff, and in every possible color. This means that there is literally no excuse to not be wearing them at any point, and to not wear them would be a massive and irrefutable injustice to all of society.

The main element that most people love about ankle boots is their comfort. Unlike the foot death trap that is the high heel, the ankle boot has a minimal heel for maximum support, a modern advancement that makes the ankle boot heavily superior to the obsolete stiletto or blister-prone ballet flat.

Since the weather is (painfully slowly) getting cooler, that means it’s official ankle boot weather, also known as fall. They’ll look cute in your Instagram pics in a pumpkin patch, holding a peppermint mocha, or holding a peppermint mocha in a pumpkin patch (all the fall things), adding to their usability. And this Halloween, you’ll look fabulous running away from all the monsters and evil clowns.

On the subject of ankle boots, of course fashion-savvy Warriors are weighing in. “Ankle boots are the most important human invention since the discovery of fire, and they’re way more wearable,” says sophomore fashionista Jack Yanoshik.

“I would definitely wear ankle boots because they’re super cute and fall is coming,” said freshman Lenox Johnson.

“They’re really great for covering up my ankle bones when I’m not feeling scandalous,” said freshman Rhiann Ashmore.

To conclude, ankle boots are an unappreciated fall necessity that all people should acquire before the winter months (in which we will discuss knee boots). I wish you all the best with your fall fashion.