Orchestra “Warrior Games” Features Field Day Fun


Leena Abar

Warriors are decked out in bandanas, capes, and their team colors as they prepare to compete int he Warrior Games.

The North Atlanta Orchestra is a rigorous program that prioritizes personal and artistic growth for its student participants. On Sept. 23 this growth was displayed in a tournament that featured devotion, sociability, and – best of all – sweat: the Warrior Games. And if you need to conceptually understand it, think along the lines of a raucous orchestra field day competition.

This symphonic throw down was held on the practice field beside the parking deck. The teams were green, purple, blue, orange, and pink. The passion-filled and color-coded teams vigorously battled in various competitions to determine a team winner.

Freshmen Hasina Tisdale, a green team member and violin player, said everyone enjoyed the action-packed event. “I had a lot of fun dressing up. It was competitive, but I still enjoyed hanging out with my friends and making new ones,” she said.

While approaching the field that would take us to our destiny, there was a sense of apprehension among participants: Which team would win? We all wanted the trophy and the bragging rights that came with it. As a loyal member of the green team, mind you, I believe we should’ve won.

Once the games began, the competitive juices started flowing. Things started with a pitched three-legged race. Unfortunately all fun things come to an end, and on this day matters ended with an intense game of tug-of-war. There were, to be sure, rope-burned hands but there also were smiles across all faces. The purple team ultimately prevailed. And no matter how bitter every other team was about it, purple team members made sure everyone knew they carried the day.

Whether we’re playing enchanting melodies or competing in musical tournaments, the orchestra does things together. And for normally seated and quiet musicians, the highly spirited and physical Warrior Games struck just the right competitive note.