Students Stars Shone Bright at First-Ever North Star Talent Show


Sara Beth Cimowsky

Taylor Diamond performed on the drums with his sister in the first annual North Star.

North Atlanta’s got talent? Big time!

For the first time in history, the student body was given the chance to get on stage and show off their talents to the entire school. In only its inaugural year, the North Star Talent Show on Sept. 24 featured a wide variety of talents, each one as impressive as any found on emerging-talent performance stages across the state and nation.

Before the show began, the school’s Linda Faye Stevenson Theater buzzed with excitement. The long-anticipated event had finally come and was accompanied by a crowd of excited onlookers. “I was so excited to be there,” said freshman Rhiann Ashmore. “I loved feeling the supportive atmosphere as all of my friends performed.”

The show kicked off with special performances by the North Atlanta Dance Team and Orchestra. With a great display of the power in the ensemble, these performances highlighted the great artistic talent within in our student body.

The performers shone on stage and constantly left the audience wanting more. Acts varied from sweet love duets to lovely piano melodies to even an upbeat solo dance routine to Astrid’s “Hurts So Good.” The wide range of acts made for a great evening for every attendee.

As for the shows participants, the rewards went far beyond praise from friends and family. “Everyone was so nice and supportive of everyone else’s acts,” said freshman Ava Behan-Sahib, who performed during the show. “We were able to form a sort of community around our shared interests.”

Auditions for the event were held in August. Performers started getting together to practice every week after that and the rehearsals did more than just hone talent. The focused get-togethers created a performing arts community. “It was really great how everyone supported each other,” said junior Taylor Diamond. “This was not a show where there were winners and losers. We all won and I think the audience could really see that.”

Everyone – participants and audience – regarded the show a success. Our students have officially made a mark in North Atlanta’s history by putting on a successful, first ever North Star talent show. Next year’s show is sure to excite, so if you missed this year and have a talent you have always wanted to display, don’t forget to claim your spot on big stage.