Mom Jeans: Fashion Trend or Fashion Faux Pas?


Sara Beth Cimowsky

Writer Rhiann Ashmore rocks her trendy mom jeans.

Fashion Legend Heidi Klum once stated: “In fashion, one day you’re in and the next day you’re out.” But could this seeming truth be quite untrue of the trustworthy mom jean? Featured on almost every social media platform as the new “aesthetic,” this movement continues to pick up more followers. However, as more people join, others speak out against the questionable trend.

Don’t know what they are? Mom jeans are high-waisted jeans with tapered legs, in a stone-washed denim rinse. From light-washed to corduroy, they come in any style for every consumer who desires comfort in their day-to-day life but still want to look put together. When styled with a patterned top and a hip shoe, these jeans can be a fun flashback to the past. On the other hand, a few fashion critics feel the funky trend is nothing but a tacky disaster needing to be put to rest immediately.

Freshman style icon Sydney Jones says mom jeans are definitely in. “They’re far from the norm, très retro and so very 90s,” she said.

Jones’ says that they suit her body nicely and are great to wear on a busy day. “I feel so free and cozy when I wear my mom jeans.”

Freshman Ruby Elliott, a notorious mom jean enthusiast, is almost never caught without a pair of mom jeans. “I feel very confident in my mom jeans,” said Elliott, “It’s unique and not many people wear them here.”

For her, wearing mom jeans is a connection to her former home base of California. “I’m from L.A. and it’s a huge trend there so it feels like home when I wear them.”

Not all in the building are fans. Freshman Ansley Booth feels mom jeans are wholly unappealing, not cute and that they do not flatter the female form. “They’re bulky and aren’t very appealing to the eye. I don’t see how they could contribute to someone’s aesthetic,” she said.

High fashion or fashion faux pas? Retro “go” or retro “no”? Noted fashion experts of North Atlanta have spoken. Now it’s up for you to decide. Maybe if you need further advice – you can ask your mom.