Student Workers Keep the School Bookstore Humming


Sara Beth Cimowsky

Students Kai and Michael work their shift in the Warrior Book Store during lunch.

North Atlanta’s School Store is a resource students couldn’t survive without. Whether it’s a required reading book for class, a new stack of paper, a spoon for your yogurt, or some must-have orange Tic Tacs, the bookstore has it all.

Customers caught up in all the merchandise glam on the shelves, might not fully appreciate the kind student faces behind the counter who help out with their transactions. North Atlanta Work-based Learning Coordinator Avis Eichelberger manages the Warrior Store, but she heavily counts on student volunteers to help ensure things run smoothly.

The student workers are from the teacher Sheena Varghese’s special needs class. Working in the bookstore provides them with valuable work-life experience that will be of benefit when these students make their post-high school transitions. “Our objective is to provide real-world experience for our students and this site is just about the perfect place to do just that,” Eichelberger said.

Students assist with many tasks including customer service, taking inventory, stocking shelves and making change for purchases. The students recently started taking field trips to Walmart and Sam’s Club to purchase store merchandise.

Freshman Johnny Patton is part of the bookstore team. The enterprising student said working in the bookstore is one of the highlights of his day. “I love it but maybe it’s because I like to count the money,” he said.

Junior Ky Chandler is another bookstore worker. Outside of school his hobbies include supporting the Warrior wrestling team as a fan. His bookstore gig is something he started at the beginning of the school year. He said the post is ideal because he gets to meet new people and develop new work skills. “Initially it wasn’t really my thing but it’s really grown on me,” Chandler said.

For Tics Tac, Mentos, poster board, Warrior spirit wear or a paperback book for class, clearly the Warrior Store is the place to be. And with enterprising student volunteers like Patton and Chandler the bookstore is also the perfect training ground for students who can benefit from the experience.

“I don’t know what we’d do without them, and they’re also a joy to work with,” Eichelberger said.