Women Staying True to Their Roots With Natural Hair


Sara Beth Cimowsky

More and more students are continually embracing the natural hair in the halls here at North Atlanta.

For men and women everywhere, the past few years have been a pivotal time for those longing to let their natural locks roam free. Natural hair, a concept once foreign to many, has become an increasingly popular and accepted way of carrying oneself. The phenomenon has spread rapidly throughout our world and shows no signs of stopping.

Countless women have claimed that taking the leap to natural hair proved one of the most rewarding and beneficial choices of their lives. “I feel much more comfortable,” said freshman Sydney Jones. “Now that my hair is natural it grows more and I know how to take care of it.”

Contrary to popular belief, natural hair often proves less of a maintenance commitment for most. Aside from the average hair care, natural hair is extremely manageable and the reward speaks for itself. “I know people say it’s a lot of work or maintenance but it’s so beautiful and feels better,” says freshman Hasina Tisdale. “Natural hair is beautiful.”

Though wearing your hair naturally is a great way to stay true to yourself, the feat can often prove quite a challenge. Historically, African-American women were forced to hide their hair or alter it in some way in an attempt to conform to the status quo. “It’s harder for some girls to wear their hair natural because they get bullied or teased and just don’t feel comfortable with it,” says junior Taylor Jones, “We need to start accepting them.”

In only a few decades, natural hair has evolved from a spark to a full-on movement.  Men and women nation-wide have taken their chance to stand up in favor of a life free of the artificial and in favor of physical freedom.

Hair grows in millions of different ways, shapes and sizes. Due to this truth, there is no right way for anyone’s to look. Whether you’re rocking tight curls or smooth waves you’re always exactly what you should be. “We’re constantly told that natural hair is messy or even unprofessional,” says Jones. “But it’s the hair that grows from our head. How could it be wrong?”

In a few short years, natural hair will have finally been given the recognition it so truly deserves. In our ever-changing world we must strive to hold on to what makes this world our own. Whether you’re all natural or on the way, being yourself is always the perfect choice.