Former Sutton Students Remember Robin Norwood

Beloved teacher Robin Norwood will be remembered by students as a fun and engaging teacher

Beloved teacher Robin Norwood will be remembered by students as a fun and engaging teacher

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Those who have gone and graduated from Sutton Middle School know of or had Robin Norwood’s sixth grade Earth Science class. She was known for being very playful and engaging with her students, turning a class as boring as earth science into something from a Bill Nye video.

Unfortunately, this great teacher passed away at age 53 on Jan. 27 when she had a heart attack on the stairwell and was quickly rushed to the hospital. This has left an emotional scar in her students, who had never imagined that something like this would happen.

Robin Renee Griffieth Norwood was born in Feb. 17, 1963, in Chicago, Ill., and taught for more than 30 years in California, Ohio, and finally in Atlanta at the Sutton Middle School 6th grade campus. She was a loving wife to her husband, a loving mother to her three children, and a loving teacher to all of her students.

Needless to say, this sad event had affected her former Sutton students who are now North Atlanta students. Many now here had taken her class in 6th grade and hearing the news of her passing shocked them.

Freshman Caroline Hammond is one of the many North Atlanta students who fondly remembered their former teacher. During sixth grade, Hammond said she had Norwood as her homeroom teacher and she also went to Williamsburg, Va., on a school trip where Norwood acted as a chaperone. “She was always happy and smiling and it was apparent that she did all she could to support us and bring smiles to our faces,” Hammond said.

The only thing to do now is to take a quiet moment and remember the times all of Norwood’s students had with her while they could. Ms. Norwood, we’ll miss you.