Shakespearean Monologue Winners Bring The Bard to Life

“To be, or not to be?” This is a question that ran through the minds of many contestants at the Shakespearean Monologue Competition. Students from all across Georgia, and all walks of life, participated in this vigorous competition– ranging from 9th to 10th grade. These students spent months preparing various Shakespearean works to present to a panel of judges at the Shakespeare Tavern.

Sophomore participant Noelia German, who is no stranger to Shakespeare’s work, said it was an amazing experience to have. “I did Helena’s monologue from the play “All’s well that ends well,” said German, “and Shakespeare’s sonnet 18 “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?”

German said the competition taught her a lot about confidence and presenting, “It taught me to be more prepared,” said German, “and it helped my confidence when performing in front of a large audience.” While preparing for her recitation, she said watching her colleagues perform was an inspiring experience, “I got to watch all these kids perform and express their emotions and show their acting abilities.”

Sophomore Loreley Nava presented Luciana’s monologue in the play “A Comedy of Errors.”

Noelia German said it was an experience that they would recommend to their peers. “I recommend people do this if acting is something they enjoy or want to do,” said German, “It’s so fun to study Shakespeare because he’s so complex.”

Both Nava and German will be representing North Atlanta at the Regional Shakespearean Monologue competition. So “to be, or not to be” we’ll see!