Guys Are Taking a Pass on Prom Proposals


Guys continue to take the less-eventful road for asking a date to prom.

High school prom is one of those right-of-passage ways that ends a momentous school year. This year’s prom for North Atlanta was held on April 15 in Buckhead’s swank St. Regis Hotel.

Many students spent months preparing for the magical night. Matching colors, designs, and even cars are ways the young students “stunt” for the much-anticipated event. The evening is made more momentous in the company of another and that leads itself to considerations of exactly who a prom date is. And the way that prom dating is taking has changed considerably in recent years. Perhaps the most notable change is that guys are taking a pass on asking girls to the event. The “prom-posal” might soon be going the way of wide lapel tuxes and “big hair” on girls.

Everyone knows what a “prom-posal is.” Guys scheme some clever – and maybe over-the-top – way to ask a girl to prom. A recent survey showed that there’s not as much interest in the outlandish ask. “Prom proposals are corny!” said junior Bakari Smith.

Some guys are hesitant to do prom proposals because of the risk of getting rejected. Students say unless the people are already a couple, it isn’t likely that a guy summons up the courage to randomly ask a girl to prom. “Who wants to get shot down,” said junior Terrian Rainey. “It’s better for me to just go by myself and hang with all of my friends.”

Girls have always enjoyed the surprises of a prom proposal. This year junior Loreley Nava was one of the increasingly rare number of girls who got one. “My boyfriend and I already established we were going to prom together, but it was a surprise when he still gave me a prom proposal,” she said.

She described how he had red rose pedals that spelled out prom in the auditorium. “I felt so excited, I didn’t expect it at all”, said Nava.

Prom is always an exciting time and adding a proposal makes it better. Although some guys aren’t into the “corny” prom proposal, there is still some out there doing it to make the special day more special.  So guys: Are you coming up with a plan for next year? And – even better – can we count on you for the biggest most gaudy prom-proposals ever in 2018? Don’t let the tradition die: Ask and you just might receive a pleasant and welcomed “Yes.”