Graduating Seniors Leave Advice For Remaining High-Schoolers

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Graduating Seniors Leave Advice For Remaining High-Schoolers

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With every transition, from elementary to middle to high school, come new experiences and opportunities for character development. However, it is often better to learn from the mistakes of others than learn from your own. That is why some seniors have decided to share a few pieces of age-old wisdom for tackling the final years of high school.

After four years of surviving high school, it seems as though seniors have seen it all. While some manage to swim through tidal waves of AP, IB, and Dual Enrollment work and come out strong, even taking standard senior courses can be hard enough.

“Do know this everyone. Your freshman year counts.” – Lucy Gebhardt

“Teachers are going to give lots of hard work and if you cannot pace yourself then you are most likely to fail. Also, there will be times when you will feel like giving up. But stay focused and have a positive mindset. Know that you can achieve anything.” – Jeremiah Lane

“My advice will be to be on top of your work, try to have a nice friendship with your teachers, but don’t forget to have a nice attitude. – Kathy Diaz

“As you enter your final year in high school, you tend to feel older and the year speeds up. However, when you’re a senior, especially at the end of the year, you suddenly begin to feel sluggish and will no longer want to keep working. Don’t stop. Finish the year and get your diploma so you can get out and move on. Never let your focus waver.” – Joshua Shaw

“Please, for the love of sweet baby Jesus, don’t end up doing everything last minute.” –David Mendoza

“Do your work when it’s given, even if you have a sub.” – Jordan Komery

“Focus on making good grades, not your love life. Take economics early and online. Don’t skip class or do drugs.” – Brittany Jefferson

“Stay on task and do not let anyone bring you down. Follow your dreams and don’t let anyone change you.” – Ivan Palma

“Pay attention in class and don’t skip because you won’t realize how skipping classes can affect you until your senior year.” – Claudia Vega

“Make sure you have teacher connections because they will come in handy senior year. – Chyna Whitney

“Freshmen: Don’t slack off. Try to keep on track. If not, it’s going to be hard to graduate.” – Cesilia Penez

“Everybody isn’t your friend. – Elyse Edmonds

“Do everything like it’s your second time doing it.” – Reginald Richardson

“Stay committed to what you love.” – Hector Gabriel

“Don’t skip class. You’ll regret it later. Your friends are going to change, no matter how cool or how long you’ve been cool. And don’t do drugs.” -Kyambo Joshua

“Stay cool and composed. Seek education outside of school and college.” – Andre Thompson

“Quizlet is your best friend. Also online classes are a scam and it’s not really all that ‘quick, useful and smart.” – Amenawon Momodu

“Don’t be a people pleaser.” – Aasia Latigue

“Hang out with people that are healthy for you mentally and physically. Don’t let the people in your life and allow them to influence you. Be your own self but allow good change. Hang in there!” – Amber White

“Don’t wait until the last week of school to turn in all your work. Just get it done on time. Please.” –  Cooper Grisham

“Stay in school, do your work, and stay on top of everything. You’ll regret it if you don’t.” –  Gregory Perez

With that, go forth, rising freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors. Conquer high school, maybe even take these helpful hints with you when you leave, no matter where you go in this wonderful blue ball we all home.