Behind the Scenes of “Rent” With Drama’s Tech Crew


Millie Dunn

Drama Tech students help construct the set for spring musical “Rent.”

This spring, North Atlanta’s theater department put on an impressive performance of “Rent.” We know the performers were spectacular and performed well, but what about those behind the scenes? Or between the scenes, managing the props and working the lights?

To make sure any play goes off without a hitch, enter the Drama Department’s Tech Crew, the students who take the class Tech Theater with Carlos Hooper, theater department director. This intrepid behind-the-scenes bunch ensures that every scene, transition and lighting scenario comes off brilliantly.

The tech crew traditionally works sound and lighting, but there are some who move props to their proper position and make sure all performers are made up and ready for the stage.

Tech Crew Sophomore Ranier Truesdale works hard to make sure the actors are prepared to perform. “It was my role to help out with transitions in the show and I helped keep all of the props in order,” he said.

Truesdale also used his artistic know-how to paint a detailed graffiti piece for the stage backdrop. The theater enthusiast says he enjoys being on the crew because of his passion for theater. “I like being backstage because I’m not a performer,” he said.

Sophomore Kaheya Nash shares a similar passion. For “Rent,” she worked as props manager and she helped with stage managing. “I liked both aspects but enjoyed helping out with stage managing the most,” she said.

She said Tech Crew members thrive in the creative and spontaneous nature of their class environment. “And the controlled chaos of performances is stressful yet exciting,” Nash said.

The Tech Crew and the theater gang go hand in hand. Without one another there would be no production. Both deserved the standing ovations after “Rent” performances. So, hats off, Tech Crew. The show could not go on with you.