The Emoji Movie: The New Form of Creativity

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The Emoji Movie: The New Form of Creativity

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After the widespread success of Wreck-It-Ralph, which raked in over $471 million for Hollywood, it was obvious that something had to be done to continue this box office boom. The Emoji movie was the result of all this. Though many people have differing opinions of this movie, it is clear by the underwhelming ratings that most have become fans of this masterpiece overnight.

“I know the whole thing was just a huge production placement. That’s what I heard.” said junior Diego Alvarado. “It’s disgusting.”

Some would say that the movie itself is rather ordinary, disheartening, and a waste of everyone’s time and money, but those people are obviously wrong. After several hours of grueling overnight research, I have discovered through several certified educational sites such as Facebook, Tumblr, and the Youtube comments section, that the reaction after its release has turned it into a modern cultural phenomenon. “People are putting Emoji Movie things on Snapchat now,” said junior Nicole Chinchilla-Forbes. “It’s cancer.”

The story mainly revolves around the main character Gene, an emoji who can express himself in multiple ways in an interface world that lacks any expressiveness. Gene goes on an adventure to find a place where he can truly be himself, accompanied by two companions, a comedic relief and a strong independent princess that needs no man to save her. Through trial and error, he eventually defeats the antagonist and finds a way to finally be himself in his world. The movie had a budget of $50 million and had just recently passed over $62 million.

Though a large portion of moviegoers who have witnessed this example of brilliance have complained about the story being a cheap knockoff of The Lego Movie, Inside Out, and Wreck-It-Ralph — a knockoff that takes an original story that delves into a world inside a human world and ties it in with a heartfelt message — and exploiting it until it has become a wonder whether the word ‘creativity’ has been ever used in the production room, their opinions are clearly subjective.

“This has made me fifty percent more depressed than I normally am,” said Alvarado, complementing the movie on its phenomenal and heart-wrenching drama. “I have lost five years of my life because of that movie. I am genuinely scared for my health to watch it.”

The Emoji movie is an accurate, as well as a well-made, representation of social media in this time and is on point in showing the daily life of teenagers. It tackles very deep and thought-provoking concepts, such as how the humans are all trapped in a world and pressured to only show one face while in reality, they are all like Gene, struggling to express their individuality and creative freedom. In the time when there are plenty of junk food movies to go around, it’s nice to see a movie that breaks the mold and tries to do something unique and different with itself.

This is why The Emoji Movie is one of the best movies to come out this year. Through witty dialogue, hilarious comedy, ingenious writing, and a clever world building premise, this movie has wheedled its way into everyone’s hearts. And those few vitriolic critics who disagree are objectively wrong and have no taste in real art.