North Atlanta’s New Book Club Welcomes Bookworms and Writing Enthusiasts Alike


Book club meets every second and fourth Tuesday of the month in the library

North Atlanta high school has a reputation for boasting incredible clubs that grow every year. Student Government Association, Model U.N., Beta Club and FBLA are several school organizations you may be familiar with. However, some recently started clubs like the new Book Club might be unheard of. The Book Club, led by junior Kate Breeden and supervised by librarian Lori McCall, meets every second and fourth Tuesday in the media center to discuss books.

The NAHS Book Club reads a novel with high literary merit every month and has discussions on the plot, characters, themes and impacts on the reader. Book Club is also a place to not only share thoughts on writing and books, but also to share short stories. For the bookworms at North Atlanta, it’s the place to be. Sometimes there are even brownie bites.

The recent focus on out-of-school literary organizations (such as creative writing club, book club, reading bowl, TOME society, and the prestigious Governor’s Honors Program) shows a growing interest in the liberal arts sector of academics. This is exciting, given North Atlanta’s major focus on science and math in the past decade. Students who enjoy writing and reading now have a chance to express themselves in a multitude of ways due to the eager nature of student leaders and caring teachers.

As for book club, new member junior Emma Lawson already has a lot to say. “I’ve learned a lot already about how to better understand the meaning of novels and how important reading is on a whole,” she says. “It’s a good place to meet like-minded people who enjoy books as much as I do.”

In short, North Atlanta’s book club seems like a great place to meet fellow bookworms and bond over how cool reading is!