Disney is Leaving Netflix



The mouse is leaving Netflix to much dismay

Disney recently announced that all of its material found on Netflix will soon be unavailable to the major streaming network. Come the end of 2019, Disney will launch its own streaming service for fans with all of its material, including Disney-owned Pixar and Marvel material, on there. Netflix will continue doing business with Disney, especially as it comes to Marvel content (as Netflix has produced several TV shows under Marvel’s name). This comes as a major disappointment to Disney fans and all users of the Netflix streaming system.

Disney creating yet another streaming system is worrisome as purchasing and using all these streaming systems on a regular basis — Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, the like — all gets very expensive, very fast. Yet the expanding market of these services might eventually be its downfall. For example, using more than one streaming service is about the same price as using cable TV, which a vast majority of people have opted out of in favor of streaming their favorite TV shows and movies. HBO even has two services: HBO Go and HBO Now. This specificity is both unnecessary, confusing and aggravating for the American consumer. But having all the screen material you could want on one format is way too much to ask for, obviously.

On Disney’s separation from Netflix, North Atlanta students are shocked and appalled. “That’s so ridiculous,” said junior Emma Lawson. “It’s not like any of us have the money for Netflix anyway. What is Disney thinking?”

The House of Mouse has some high goals, but only time will tell if Disney’s spell will enchant customers.