The Warrzone Wins by Picking Up School Spirit

North Atlanta seniors are amped up in the on-fire student section during the Aug. 18 Warrior victory over arch-rival Grady. The Warrzone theme for the game was a Hawaiian luau.

One of the more enjoyable aspects of fall at North Atlanta is attending football games. Every Friday night, August through November, students show their spirit by coming out to the student section to cheer on our warriors at Grady Stadium. In previous years, there have not been many students at games, and many students attribute this reality to the lack of a campus-based home football stadium. But the senior leaders of the Warrzone, the school’s spirit club, say they will let no seeming disadvantage get in the way of pumping up school spirit. However, Millie Long and Murphy Rief have encouraged school spirit by being the leaders of the Warrzone.

The Warrzone is led by seniors Millie Long and Murphy Rief. “It’s a club that works to unify the student body and tries to promote spirit,” Long said. “This club aims to get more students to come to games.”

But how do they go about doing this? The group has established themes for each football game. Warrzone member Chloe Van Nort said a few of the upcoming themes are Pink Out, “Into the Jungle” (or animal print), Silver Out and a surprise theme that will be used for the homecoming game against Pope on Sept. 22

Along with creating themes, the club members also paint windows and make signs and posters for each game. Decorating signs and windows brightens the school but it’s not as easy as it looks. “Even though it takes a long time, it makes a difference,” said Rief. “Once everyone walks through the hallway, and sees the walls and signs, we know all of our hard work is worth it because it helps promote the games and get students excited. Knowing that we are making a difference in the school has a great satisfaction.”

Posters and banners feature catchy slogans, things like “Kipp ‘em to the Curb” for the Warrior match against KIPP Atlanta. Even though it may seem small, this helps improve the student body’s spirit considerably.

In the past, North Atlanta has lacked attendance in games due to not having a home stadium and because of traditional challenges the football team has had in securing victories. Attendance at games this year has shot up considerably thanks, in part, to Warrzone efforts. Thanks to the uptick in activity, our football student section is even more animated at games. But the term “Go Warriors” can always use more people saying it. To get involved join the Warrzone remind: @warrzone00.