Natural Hair Club Takes Root at North Atlanta


Lenox Johnson

Natural Hair Club members Amina Anderson and Sydney Jones, both sophomores.

The ever-expanding, ever-growing natural hair movement has continued to flourish and take root in both school and outside life. Following its recent rise in popularity, the trend has even managed to make its way into the diversifying halls of North Atlanta High School.

Since early September, North Atlanta has had the privilege to call itself the proud home of its very own Natural Hair Club. The group, started and led by junior Ashley Rativa, serves students as a social beacon of self-expression and individuality. Day by day, the club fulfills its goals by encouraging every student to embrace their inherent individualities.

Contrary to popular belief, the Natural Hair Club, which meets on every Tuesday in room 10179, serves as a place for students of all ethnicities, genders and backgrounds. “Natural Hair Club is a place for both girls and guys,” said Rativa, “Students with all types of hair can come and learn how to better take care of themselves and their locks.”

Countless students who have joined the club describe it as a place where they will always feel comfortable and welcome. Chances are, the Natural Hair Club could be the perfect place for you too. “I honestly love it so much,” said sophomore Sydney Jones. “We talk about everything hair-related and the club has really started to feel like a family.”

It is expected that the Natural Hair Club will only have room to grow as the year continues. The club is open to new members all year and looks forward to bright new faces every week. So, whether you’re looking for hair-care tips or a community of dedicated hair-enthusiasts like yourself, the Natural Hair Club is the perfect place to comb out any hairy situations.