North Atlanta Bloggers Posting Up Big On Fashion, City Life


Lenox Johnson

Posting It Up: Sophomores Laila Nicholson and Sydney Miller two among the growing list of North Atlanta student bloggers.

From fashion updates to delicious food, students at North Atlanta have an overflow of ideas and interests. And online blogs have become a big way for them to share their interests and opinions. For three student bloggers with growing numbers of followers, the ongoing focus is using their online forums to showcase their unique lives and promote the things that are important to them.

Seniors Keeley Fitzsimmons and Avery Culp have had an Instagram blog for two years. They were inspired to set it up because they had always taken a lot of pictures around Atlanta and they decided to make it into an Instagram account where other people could keep up with it. “It’s basically a photo series across the city documenting urban explorations,” Culp explained.

These Atlanta adventures include everything from delicious local restaurants to fun activities around the city. The blog is called @atladies and those interested should follow them on Instagram to stay up to date.

Sophomore Laila Nicholson has a blog that that touches on fashion, culture, food, music and other contemporary matters. She keeps up with her blog on, a popular website for creating blogs. Nicholson said she follows a photographer named Catherine McCrary to see the her strong portfolio images. The sophomore said her mom has a job that requires blogging so she follows in a new family pattern by blogging herself. “It just kind of seemed like a natural thing for me to do,” she said.

To kill two birds with one stone, Nicholson is ably using her blog as part of her sophomore-year MYP project. Her blog is linked to her Instagram account under the username @lailamcknicholson.

Sophomore Sydney Miller has been blogging for about four months now. “My blog is about my life and little fun activities that I do to inspire others to do them,” she said.

For Miller, Instagram is her chosen blogging outlet. To get her inspiration to begin blogging, Miller looked around and liked what she saw. “I saw people with such fun Instagrams and blogs,” she said. “I didn’t think I could keep up with a blog, so I decided to create an Instagram that I could post on whenever I felt inspired to do so.”

To keep up with her posts, follow her on @sydneymillerm.

If any of these blogs sound groovy to you, make sure to start keeping up with them. Join the conversation North Atlanta and start blogging — or at least following those who do.