Glasses Versus Contacts: The Better Way to See

Glasses versus contacts: an optical conundrum

Glasses versus contacts: an optical conundrum

It’s hard to visualize the outcome of wearing glasses or contacts. With an increasing amount of visually-impaired students occupying the halls, the choice is made more and more frequently. This surprisingly difficult decision is one a huge percentage of North Atlanta students are faced with during their high school careers and in some cases, even earlier.

On one hand, we have glasses. Don’t we all remember taking the terrifyingly exciting trip to the ophthalmologist as a little kid and coming out with an adorably tragic pair of itty-bitty children’s glasses that our parents described as, “Just too cute!”? Glasses may not have been considered ‘cool’ back in elementary school, yet, in my experience, my many pairs of glasses have all proved themselves to be tried-and-true.

There’s always been something about the individuality that just one frame can give you. Unlike their rival counterpart, glasses serve as a sort of accessory whilst also giving you the ability to, well, see. Many describe their frames as a part of themselves, something that adds to character and grows along with their ever-evolving style.

As for contacts, their spike in popularity over the past years has taken the world by storm. The unwavering convenience and efficiency of this alternative choice has yet to be matched. These clear, minuscule tools, while discreet, give the illusion of having the 20/20 vision we all wish we had.

Of the two, contacts are definitely the least life-changing. Contacts are easily able to assimilate to one’s face, enabling their natural face to show. However, special colored contacts can continue to show one’s personal style if desired.

All in all, whether you prefer to wear contacts or glasses, either option will leave you so happy you’ll be seeing double!