GHP State Nominees Generate Hearty Pride for NAHS


Olivia Chewning

Bound for Rome? Sophomores Lillian Nail, Soleil Golden and Jessica Jacobo are advancing through the rounds to possibly attend Governor’s Honors program at Berry College in summer 2018.


The Governor’s Honors Program, or GHP, is a summer educational program geared toward students who display excellence in academic fields of study. The program, which has just released its 2018 summer program state-level nominees encourages students to enhance their skill in a specified subject outside of the traditional classroom setting. Accepted applicants will spend four weeks in intensive focus of their desired topic over the summer at Berry College, in Rome, Georgia.

Initial program applicants are required to complete an application process detailing the extent of their passion and experience in their desired fields of study. These include Agricultural Science, Communicative Arts, Dance, Engineering, Mathematics, Music, Science, Social Studies, Theatre, Visual Arts and World Languages. “I was nervous because I wasn’t expecting to receive the nomination,” said Visual Arts nominee Jessica Jacobo, “I really wanted to join the program to represent my school and my love for art.”

Students who completed the application worked day and night perfecting their online application to best display their avid interest in their field of study.

Every single North Atlanta High School applicant advanced to the next level of the GHP nomination process. Following their acceptance, students began preparing for the next stage, which are state interviews. “I was really ecstatic that I made it past the first application stage and had a chance to prove myself to the in person,” said sophomore and Commutative Arts nominee Soleil Golden. “I practiced with my family extensively to get ready to go in and do the interview.”

Each area of nomination called for divergent interview processes. Students arrived one by one at their interview locations prepared with displays varying from monologues to musical pieces to writing. In their interviews, potential candidates underwent rigorous questioning, performance and audition processes. This stage of the potential GHP candidate application process is pivotal as it is the first opportunity students are given to show their talents to the judges face-to-face. “At the interview we saw each other as fellow performers and it made the the endless waiting afterwards with these people a lot easier,” said theatre candidate Fiona Liu. “On the downside some of us had to wait hours on end. We sat in a room for hours just for our 10-minute audition to prove to the judges why we were deserved to be there.”

A group of only 25 students from North Atlanta High School received word that they passed the first interview stage and are moving on to the district-level application stage. This small group of students is now once again preparing to re-submit an application for admission to the program. Applicants will submit their second application over break on January 5. As the date rapidly approaches Warrior nominees work to perfect their submissions.  “I’m honored that I get to be part of this amazing opportunity,” said World Language  nominee Ava Behan-Sahib. “I’m anxious but excited to get started on my application,”

In past years, a handful of our very own Warriors have made their way into the elite summer program. These chosen few describe their weeks of study as some of the best in their life. The program allows for students to not only learn more about their field, but also exposes students to others who share the same passion and interest, often forging long-time memories and friendships.

It’s no secret that the halls of North Atlanta High School have always been jam-packed with talent of all kinds. Year after year, these many students never fail to represent the school and its abundance of talent and individuality. As for this year’s GHP nominees, it’s no doubt that they will make North Atlanta proud.