Destressing Strategies for Frustrating Finals


Olivia Chewning

Under Pressure: With finals pending, Sophomore Ava Behan-Sahib buckles down for some end-of-the-semester studying. Olivia Chewning

Each fall semester comes with ups and downs. These include a topsy-turvy football season, an action-packed homecoming week, not to mention — can’t avoid it! — dreaded finals. Many of the finals we’ll take cover all the materials learned during fall semester. And because of all that information, the pressure is even more pronounced at this time of the year.

Let’s face it: toward the end of the semester, right after Thanksgiving break, students lose motivation for most things, and this includes doing their work and even keeping up with their social life. After months of work, we’re all tired. Leading up to finals, projects and assignments keep piling up. And at this point there are plenty who just want to become Netflix-watching slugs. But — alas — before getting there we must all make it to the finish line, somehow, some way.

This year APS implemented a new schedule. Students will have two finals a day and during these shortened days, arrangements can be made to leave at noon. Junior Zoey Lampkin says the half days will be the key to her end-of-the-year success. “It will finally give us time to relax and have fun, but also I’m going to need that extra time to study,” she said.

It will be easy to get overwhelmed while studying for tests in all eight subjects so finding a way to relax will be key. Lighting candles, bath bombs, and going fun places like Cumberland Mall are all great ways North Atlanta students can relax. “I love listening to music because it gets me in a zone with good vibes only,” said sophomore Franchesca Samudio.

Though finals may be stressful, you only spend four years in high school. Before you know it high school will be over. Just take each final one by one doing your best. And before you know it, holiday break will be here and you can binge Netflix all you want.