Planning a Trip? Use Caitlin’s Tripp’s Traveling Tips


Olivia Chewning

Veteran Globetrotter: AP world history teacher Caitlin Tripp offers some helpful, time-tested traveling tips.

The classroom of AP world history instructor Caitlin Tripp is filled with geographical anomalies and stories of remarkable tirades, tyrannies and impressive conquests. On her colorful classroom walls are found maps and classical art pieces. This action-packed room provides a retrospective view of the world, one that  accompanies the fascinating topics taught in her class each day.

Tripp herself has seen many of the places she teaches about. Having lived in Guinea, Costa Rica and Ecuador and after having successfully traveled through France, Italy, Switzerland, Peru, Ivory Coast and the eastern seaboard of the United States, she adds a personal touch to each new teaching theme. A seasoned globetrotter, Tripp is well qualified to offer traveling tips. Consider that taking on the world with style and comfort is easy if you internalize her rules. So, without further delay, Wire readers, we present: “Caitlin’s Tripp’s Traveling Tips.”  

For success around the world, learning a country’s language is key, Tripp said. “Nothing annoys me more than someone who has not made the effort to master a few short phrases that will allow them to maneuver their way around,” she said. “The more, the better, but at minimum please learn a basic greeting.”

She would know: a hearty “hello” is always the quickest way to any stranger’s heart.

Tip number two: Get your passport current and keep all documents up to date — and so so well before your trip. If you are going some place that requires a visa, make sure you take care of that well in advance, as well. Also, do not lose your passport. “I dated someone who left his passport on the plane once,” said Tripp. “We didn’t stay together long after that. I mean: Who does that?”

Tripp’s travel-related money-saving technique is helpful. She said it’s best to get money ahead of time, and doing so from your bank. Getting cash at the airport or other cash-exchange locations is problematical and these outfits take a ton of your money in the process. “Go to your local bank here in Atlanta, get the cash at a flat exchange, and use what you’ve saved on more fun,” she said.  

Tripp also recommended that travelers call their bank or credit card company to let them know they’ll be out of the country so they can safely use their cards when needed without being inconveniently denied.

She said travelers should have a bit of a plan, but not too much of one. “You want to use your time in a new place well but don’t get too attached to an itinerary,” she said. “Also, do your research. For example, apparently, everything in Paris is closed on Tuesdays.”

Picture this: The hustle of the airport, the sounds of a jet’s wheels leaving the ground and the screaming on on-board babies piercing the air. And just as you reach down to retrieve your passport, you realize it isn’t there, you have no money, and you know nothing about the country you are traveling to. Do this and it will be your screams joining those of the squalling babies. But with “Caitlin Tripp’s Travelling Tips” you’ll keep your lungs safe, your plane ride steady, and all your globe-trotting journeys are guaranteed to be bon voyages.