Running Club Running Other Clubs to the Ground


Run for Fun: Seniors Jennifer Lusk and Hadley Hurowitz started the Running Club to mix exercise with spirited camaraderie.

Running is a healthy and fulfilling habit that people anywhere can do. It’s a sport and activity that brings people together and creates new friendships through a common enjoyment of the exercise. There are those who think that those who enjoy running are crazy loons. I mean: Who really likes to run?

But for those who love the past time, there’s just something inherently satisfying about hitting the pavement or trail with your favorite pair of running shoes and feeling the miles fly by. However, although many love to run, not everyone loves to race. Races that accompany participation in the school’s cross country or track team can bring on a lot of pressure, time commitments, and can suck the fun out of running for some.

So, for those who don’t thrive on competition and crave a friendly, fun atmosphere, North Atlanta High School’s first ever Running Club meets every other Tuesday after school in room 8117, the room of math instructor David Ehrman.

Running Club was created by two dedicated athletes, Jennifer Lusk and Hadley Hurowitz, in spring 2017 to offers students the opportunity to learn how to run, and to learn how to love running, all without the pressure of competitions or races. “Running is one of my biggest passions,” said Lusk, a senior. “I wanted to share my love for the sport with others, especially because so many people are intimidated by thought of running and think it’s too hard.”

Running Club is fairly casual in terms of working out: each individual runner can tweak the workout to fit their abilities in order to progress as runners. More advanced runners may put in more mileage while beginners may do shorter runs, or hang in the back. Lusk and Hurowitz do a lot of “campus loops” — runs around the campus that take about an hour — but speed work is also included, as well as a warmup and cool-down. So, if you’re looking for something that stretches you physically and offers plenty of low-pressure camaraderie, “Just Do it” and join the new North Atlanta Running Club.