“Warrior Welcome” Open House Greets Future Warriors


Shakay Agasarkisian

Eleven New Stories: The “Warrior Welcome” open house event on Jan. 28 will open the door for investigation and soon-coming fun for rising ninth-graders.

Everyone knows making the transition from middle school to high school can be very difficult academically, socially and mentally. Recently, in the past few years, North Atlanta has introduced an open house for prospective students, letting them know that high school is a quite conquerable event. This year’s “Warrior Welcome” will take place on Jan. 28 from 1 to 3:30 in the Hillside Building.

In middle school, students often find themselves in a familiar routine, being comfortable with their teachers, their amount of work and their everyday schedules. Therefore, in an eighth grader’s eyes, the first lunch, the first dance, and the whole first day of highschool is a stressful thought. “The intent of the Warrior Welcome is to help inform parents of rising freshmen about North Atlanta as well as the scheduling process and how the day-to-day business works,” said Meredith Kaltman, ninth grade assistant principal.  

When students first arrive at the event, families will head to the school theater. Administrators will give an overview on all the classes that are required at North Atlanta, which incoming freshmen will take. Current students, who are helping at the event, will go on stage and create a fun environment, making the eighth graders more at home. After the overview in the theater, students will wander among different tables in the Hillside hallway to consider their own participation among different teams, clubs and electives.  

There are roughly 35 to 40 organizations being represented and at these tables teachers and students will present information about their club or sport. This part of the event gives the families about an hour to walk around and see what groups might be right for their child. The objective is helping new Warriors find out where they will thrive at their new school.

The most special part of the annual event are the participating students and the energy they bring, Kaltman said. “Students at tables giving information to incoming warriors is very valuable, due to that it really helps give them a real perspective on life here at North Atlanta,” she said.

The Warrior Welcome’s success can be shown in the growth of the school, going from 1,800 students to roughly 1,900 students in only a year. With great events like the Warrior Welcome, North Atlanta will keep climbing to the top, with numbers and success.