Dress Code: Style With Sensibility


Fashion and style are a direct view into the mind of the stylist. However, can an eccentric style be distracting in a learning environment? This is the argument behind the dress code here at North Atlanta. While the ultimate point is a universally professional learning attire, many students spend their school day in gym shorts and a classic t-shirt.

In the 21st century, style is a driving force in the social life of many teens. While some argue that school isn’t a “fashion show,” others believe it can be hard to make friends or express yourself accurately with restrictions.

Sophomore Brock Clement believes a sense of style is somewhat equivalent to freedom of speech. “Clothing is an expression of someone’s true self,” he said. “You shouldn’t hassle somebody about it.”

Clement believes that while the dress code provides a sense of order and professionalism, it is a little unfair. “It seems almost like a double standard to me.”

Sophomore Asia Smith thinks the dress code is fair, and follows it regularly. “I believe the dress code could be less strict sometimes, especially with the shoulders.” However, she feels that it could be hard for other females to follow the dress code regularly. “I always follow dress code, simply because my style allows,” she said. “But I don’t think that we should be judged or limited by our styles.”

Sophomore Hasina Tisdale, a self-professed style connoisseur, feels like it’s simply impossible to find a dress-code appropriate dress in today’s style era. “I believe the dress code is entirely reasonable,” said Tisdale. “However I think they need to take into consideration the variations in every female’s body.”

She said she believes that a traditional dress looks different on every female. “A five inch inseam is going to look different on everybody, ultimately we just want to look cute.”

Whether it’s pink platforms to match your chemistry binder, or a black jacket to coordinate with your PaperMate pencils, style is a representation of one’s individuality.

So: You be you, Warriors. And the rest — and everything fashionable — will surely follow.