New Asian “Dine”-sty Club To Conquer Student Taste Buds

North Atlanta is well-known for its plethora of specialized clubs. There’s a fencing club, a yoga club, an environmental club, a No Place for Hate Club, a K-Pop Club, Anime Club, Culture Club, Ping Pong Club and so many more.  Now to the list of innumerable clubs comes the newest on the school “club scene,” an East Asian food club called Asian Dinesty.

The clubs is proposing to plan dining opportunities at Asian restaurants including those featuring Chinese, Japanese and Indian cuisine. The clubs aims to examine culture through the lens of international dishes. It’s different in that it doesn’t meet at school, and the time students spend as a part of it are more of a fun activity than an obligation. And it’s sure to draw in many kids — after all, who doesn’t like food? As the blurb on clubs flyers says: “It’s a great way to try new things.”

“We started this club so that we could share Atlanta’s amazing and diverse Asian culture and food with our friends,” said junior Kimberly Wennerholm, one of the group’s co-founders. “It’s going to be really fun and it will help us learn more about new foods and customs.”

The other founders are sophomores Julie Wennerholm and Sydney Miller. The group’s faculty sponsor is Chinese teacher Fangxia Zhao. Members plan on meeting one Saturday a month at various places outside of school. For January, they have chosen a Japanese restaurant called Kula. The Doraville-based restaurant even features a revolving sushi bar.

Food for thought. You gotta eat. So why not make eating both fun and exotic? Is Buford Highway calling you? Go places and enjoy the newest North Atlanta Club: The Asian Dinesty.