Students Give Thanks for Thanksgiving

Students Give Thanks for Thanksgiving

Every year in November, after mid-terms, students are overwhelmed with school work. Trying to survive, only one thing keeps their hopes up, Thanksgiving. Eating food, spending time with family and friends, and relaxing before finals are a few of the motivators that keep students going through the upcoming finals.

Thanksgiving comes with a vast amount of traditions, family patterns that vary from family to family. Maria Agero said her favorite tradition was celebrating her grandfathers and sister’s birthdays. “My family definitely goes all out to celebrate birthdays, along with turkey day,” she said.

Around the table, while eating a delicious meal, freshmen Brooke Graham’s family describes their favorite qualities and attributes about each person. “I love being able to encourage my family and spend more time with them, which can be difficult in everyday life,” she said.  

Families plans over Thanksgiving vary. Is better to go out and have many activities planned throughout the day or just a day to relax and socialize at home? Students’ opinions vary. Freshmen Patrick Daniel believes it’s better to relax and just spend quality time with family over the break. “Staying at home is a great way to catch up over events happening in school and in our life,” he said. “Let’s face it: We’re all tired and we deserve a break over the break.” \

Of course another incentive to saying at home is the daylong football viewing extravaganza. For many, the holiday is not complete without healthy servings of Packers versus Lions or Cowboys versus Redskins. “I always sit down with my brother and dad and we just become major couch potatoes and watch all the games,” said junior Sam Jennings.

On the opposite side of the stay-at-home-crowd is found Avi Hunter. The freshman is all about activities galore over the holiday. “Over the break, I’m all about going out and getting together with friends,” she said. “On Thanksgiving day, it should be predominantly focused on family and recovering from the tough school year.”

No matter how anyone tackle Turkey Day, we all know that the day is one that all spend relaxing, bonding with family and — you guess it — gorging on food. No matter how you celebrate the day — staying in or going out — remember the spirit of the day and give thanks for all you have. Maybe not that algebra class, but, hey, everything else, right?