Junior Senior Prom Meets Itself With Widespread Apathy

Prom's prominence is slowly fading from teenage priorities

Prom's prominence is slowly fading from teenage priorities

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In most high school movies, prom is considered to be one of the epitomes of drama. It is usually the climax where all of the characters gather together to resolve the conflict that was built up in the rest of the story. The event is often served as dramatic tension which is mentioned several times until it is blown completely out of proportion. However, in North Atlanta, the Great Gatsby themed “Night At Glitz and Glamor” prom has been met with mild enthusiasm, and for some even complete apathy.

One of the main reasons seems to be how expensive it is. The original price of the tickets used to be $100, but has slowly been driven up over time. The entrance fee at the door is $200, twice the amount of former days. Though the expenses are understandable, it is admittedly off-putting to some to spend that much money on just a few hours of fun. Another problem many students complain about is the strict dress code, which is heavily supervised.

For senior Emi Douglas, prom isn’t an event to sign up for because of several reasons. “I have not been to this school’s prom for both junior and senior year because I always go to my old school’s prom with my boyfriend,” she said. “I’m also not paying two-hundred something dollars to go to a high school dance.”

Other students would find no reason why they should attend the prom instead of having their own party, where they have control over the music being played, the food being served, and who gets to come.

However, despite a lack of enthusiasm on the part of some, there are many who look forward to the prom. It is like a giant party, except with more adults supervising everything. Some attend the event in packs, some are able to party solo, and some prefer to stand awkwardly by the buffet table, but regardless, there is something for everyone to enjoy. The music, lights, the prom royalty, the oh-so dreaded slow dance, and best of all, free food generally helps to persuade people. “I like to see students dress down and be elegant,” said senior Deonjanea Porter. “Hopefully people will be pulling up with nice throwback clothes and stuff like that.”

Even with all of its flaws, the prom is still a fun time that puts a cherry on top of the school year. It will be held in the Marriott Marquis Hotel on April 14. Whether you are one of those who go or one of those who stay away, the prom will continue to be a staple event where friends are made, crushes are kissed, and where there will be enough glamor to go around for everyone to have a great and glitzy time.