The Junkman’s Shrine Shining Success


Sophomore Rhiann Ashmore celebrates art show with friends.

Atlanta, the city of upcoming stars, has become the center of art & culture. With new artists popping up day after day, it has become unsurprising to see new and trendy ideas and concepts flood the city. On February 17, 2018, an inclusive art show founded upon popular Atlanta-based teen artists was held.

‘The Junkman’s Shrine’ was an opportunity for young artists to display their work in a respectful environment. It included works for artists such as: Alivia Blue, Cam the Artisian, Agasha and North Atlanta’s very own Isaac Mehki.

Senior Andrea Sanchez felt the atmosphere of the show was very welcoming,  “It was a really cool place to view other artists and see what’s new on the scene,” said Sanchez, “The atmosphere was very fun and energetic; it was hard not to be in the crowd.”

Sanchez also praised the venue for its aesthetic appeal. “The vendors were amazing, and the setting was really beautiful.”

Senior Isaac Ashmore, a featured artist, spent most of the event seeking people to educate about his art, of which is a post-modern take on classical pieces. “I sat in front of my paintings waiting for a hint of recognition,” said Ashmore, “only for my quest to be undermined by a sudden comparison of my paintings to Squidward’s Brash and Bold.”

Art is a subjective form of self-expression, expressed best by those thriving in the livelihood of the times. This day and age is characterized by an immense knowledge of artistry and an innovative world view, and at the forefront of this revolution are those inspiring it- teens.  The Junkman’s Shrine was an art show put on by teens, for teens- so remember this, even Picasso was a teenager once.