My Life Bring Students Together From All Around Atlanta


Each year, many students who attend a variety of churches in the Atlanta come together for one weekend. Five churches with youth programs host the event, which is held at Northpoint Church. Students from North Atlanta make sure to come to this event, knowing they’ll always have a great time.

The retreat starts Friday night, arriving at your small group, from your church, host’s home. After this, all of the group’s head over to Northpoint Church for a night session. During the worship session, the students start off singing and then transition to talk, which will be the message for the next few days. “I loved the worship session on Saturday night. It was for two hours, everyone was very moved, people were crying,” said sophomore Caroline Hammond.

On Saturday, there was a brief morning session and then your small group has the whole day to have fun in the city. Some groups head to Main Event for a day of laser tag and bowling, however, others head to lunch and a day filled with relaxation. Either way, whatever adventure your group embarks on is guaranteed to be remembered. Sophomores Ansley Baker and Isabella Ottenhoff said, “Our group did pottery which was so much fun. It was amazing be able to bond with new members in our small group.”

Once it was Saturday night, everyone realized My Life was coming to a close and cherished the time they had left. On Sunday, the students left in the morning leaving them excited for next year. Whether it’s the music, fun activities or just being around friends, My Life is a definite must to attend.