Apple’s AirPods Show Progress Into A Wireless World

Air pods are the new wireless earbuds produced by Apple

Madison Somra

Air pods are the new wireless earbuds produced by Apple

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Since their debut in 2016, Apple’s Airpods have slowly rose in popularity and have become a more regular occurance in the broader tech landscape. Though it is not close to being mainstream yet, the little piece of wireless technology is shown to be the beginning of a wireless age coming in the very near future.

Despite how mind-boggling it seems, this type of world is not as distant as it first appears. Scientists predict that in roughly 50 years time, most of the world will be living in a completely wire-free electronic era. With cars that can navigate themselves, chargers don’t need an outlet, and cable boxes being on-the-go, wires will be as inconvenient in a lifetime as a typewriter is now.

The Airpods are a good sign that the human race is moving forward and progressing towards that future. It is now more convenient for serving different and very important purposes, such as dancing in the kitchen while blasting “Gucci Gang” without anyone having to hear. It is also useful for taking calls, sharing music with others, or generally moving around while your phone remains stationary.

Of course, with a device as fantastic as that, it can be difficult to get a hold of it for some people mostly due to the high expense. AirPods cost an average of $100-160, a price that many don’t see worth it. With Apple having a history of showing off flashy, but only decent technology, people have switched to using other and arguably better brands. Sophomore Julia Greenlee is among those who argue against Apple. “They don’t really work better, they just look better,” she said. “I think that it’s just a waste of money and that the money can go to something better like Beats.”

Others don’t mind the cost because of the enormous convenience factor. With today’s society growing to become more mobile, what would normally take a day or a few hours would take a minute or two now, such as writing a letter or working in a different location.

Apart from that, Airpods also have an aesthetically pleasing look to them. “It’s lit that they’re wireless,” said sophomore Kelsey Wilson. “Like when you’re working out you don’t have to worry about a wire being in the way, especially if you’re doing track.”

A dependence on a wireless world could have some unforeseen or unwanted consequences. Too many airwaves may cause some health problems, such as male infertility, brain tumors, and ear impairment. Of course, that is just in the most extreme cases. What would most likely happen is an overdependence on technology, even worse than today.

But overall, a wireless future would be great for everyone. Less muss, less fuss, and less hassle to do things. Whether working out, sharing music, or just goofing off, having headphones without the constantly tangled cords is a great relief for everyone who can get it. Though AirPods are definitely not the first cord-free tech, nor are they the best, their growing mainstream popularity is a positive sign towards a brighter and perhaps a better future.