Girls And Their Most Colorful Valentines Daydreams

Girls And Their Most Colorful Valentines Daydreams

It’s that time of year again, the single man’s annual nightmare and the hopeless romantic’s happy hour. Suddenly pink and red heart decals are adorning the walls of every grocery store, mall, and restaurant; There is no escape.

Lover’s nostalgia runs rampid during the love-sick holiday season. This mind-numbing illness brings vivid dreams of passe romance. Picture this: A 10-foot teddy bear paired with a heart-shaped box of chocolates, an endearing declaration of love carved into a random tree, and the allusive leather jacket-and-combat boot-wearing dream boy. Alas, James Dean is long gone and seemingly, so is romance.

This revelation begs the question, what remains of vintage romance? Does it exist in 2018?

Junior Kaheya Nash feels romance has evolved from its out-dated ideal. “We’ve moved beyond the idealistic approach of flowers and bears,” says Nash, “Romance is centered around who can give the biggest gift and who looks the best these days.”

Nash believes that it’s difficult to determine what exactly makes up ‘romance.’ “Everything is subjective, especially the way people are viewed and how people love,” she said.

Senior Andrea Sanchez believes that love in the 21st century is based on self discovery. “This Valentine’s Day I’m focusing on myself and my friends,” she said. “It’s easy to feel alone on the most loving day of the year, that’s why I’m spending it with my friends.”

Romance is a timeless luxury, adorned with pink-petaled roses and the Prince Charming storyline we’re taught from a young age. In 2018 technology largely dominates how we consume and view love, romance, and passion. Regardless of relationship status, we can be sure of this, James Dean won’t be a part of this year’s Valentine’s Daydream.