Dubs Need Home Team Advantage


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Sophomore John Fiveash says North would have more of a competitive advantage if it could play home games on the North Atlanta campus.

It’s 3:45 on a Friday afternoon at North Atlanta High School. You and your friends are looking forward to attending the football game later tonight to cheer on your fellow classmates. You then run into a problem; the journey to Grady High School is like (“The Goonies”) looking for the long lost treasure (period.) (I)t’s not a simple task. None of y’all (“none of y’all” is too conversational) want to drive and go through the trouble to find a parking spot. The next option is to ask a parents to drop you off, but they don’t want to spend their Friday night stuck in Midtown traffic. The last resort is to order an Uber, which would be pricey due to the bumper-to-bumper traffic around the stadium. At the end of the night, you are sitting at home enraged by the fact your Friday night was ruined due to North Atlanta not having a home stadium.

Every student at North Atlanta believes the Warrior’s struggles on the field could possibly be resolved by an increased attendance of classmates. Due to the home games taking place at Grady, many student lose appeal to attend the games. Having to endure the strenuous voyage to Grady stadium is reducing student attendance, and in the long run, causing North Atlanta to lose a majority of their games.

Think back to the preseason game against Holy Innocence that took place at North Atlanta. Students, teachers, and parents went to the game because they did not have to take the treacherous drive to Grady. In the past 3 years, we have played 4 preseason games at North Atlanta, in which all have attracted a large crowd. In those 4 games, we have not been beaten. Constructing a stadium at North Atlanta would make everyone happy, and add appeal for more students to transfer in.

Many people around the school believe that school spirit is not as strong as it should be. If more students had easier access to attending the games, they could show their spirit at the games, as well as at school the following Monday. As you’re scrolling through social media on Saturday after a game, you see many people showing their support for the Warriors through posting. With an increased attendance due to a home stadium, more people would post on social media. This would cause students from different schools to say “Wow, they really love where they go to school!”

When a friend asks you if you’re going to the game tonight, you shouldn’t have to think about it. The answer should always be a confident “Yes.” Due to the stadium being located in Midtown, many students (cannot) can not confidently say “Yes” to attending the football games. The football team would gain more support from their classmates if a home stadium was built, possibly allowing them to win some more games. School spirit would increase throughout the building, and more people would join the team. Creating a home field at North Atlanta would cause nothing but good for the entire Warrior community.