Foolish Fights Formulate Frenzy


Dennis Racket

Sophomore Lilly Nail laments that those who fight at school generate a negative image for North Atlanta.

When I say the words, “North Atlanta High School,” what is your first impression? Is it strong sports squads? Maybe not. Is it fine dining in the cafeteria?  Mmmmm … no. Is it easy passage in the stairwells to class? Don’t get me started.

This year, alas, the school year here can be defined by something far more rough-and-tumble than the above: fights. You do not think about our stellar IB Program, or our incredible art classes, or even how much we encourage STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.) No, you think of the infamous fights at the school, all filmed by fellow students. It gives North Atlanta a bad name, discrediting all that we have to offer.

Videos are released frequently on Snapchat of fighting at the high school. Students seem to be entertained by the chaos, even when it damages the reputation of not only their educators but also the kids involved. It has gotten so bad that the principal came over the announcements and said that the next people involved in this conundrum would receive criminal charges. Before this, the advent of the year was noted with freshmen swinging punches and kicks all the time. These kids became notorious. Gossip spreads like wildfire in high school, so soon everyone including teachers knew about who was in the fight and their reputations became covered in caution tape. “Beware: student bites” was basically written on their foreheads in permanent marker.

Not only do the fighters become infamous, but so does North Atlanta. A few of my friends at Grady High School, one of our biggest competitors, have told me that our school is known for fights. The brawls have decreased significantly, especially because the freshmen who were causing them have settled into the campus. However, the bad character has remained intact and has proved difficult to scrub from the record. NAHS provides a wonderful building with an even better view and a quality education. But, the recent fights and poor student behavior have completely discredited our school.

With quarrels come rumors, videos, and black-and-blue bruises. Those participating in the debacles can be injured, whether it be a black eye or a torn shirt. Either way they are severely affected, especially when it comes to administration. ISS (In-School Suspension), Detention, and OSS (Out-of-School Suspension) are all results for the students who fight. Not to mention, parents have punishments of their own. All of this over a stupid argument… These kids need to learn to just let things go. Instead of getting emotionally and physically hurt, as well as repeatedly reprimanded, they should just not fight.

The next time I say the words, “North Atlanta High School,” I hope you don’t think of kids in a battle of fisticuffs, but outstanding musicians and awe-inspiring artists that win competition after competition. Instead of picturing a sticky situation with screaming students, you should picture the teachers connecting with the youth and how much they shape our futures.