Students Face Security Line Struggles


Dennis Racket

Sophomore Jordan Brown said it's hard for students to endure the early-morning security lines.

Getting off the bus and going through security lines should not take up the little time you have before class starts. Stressing out because you’re already late to class and now having to wait in a long line of pushing and shoving from impatient teengers trying to get through is not exactly how students want to start off their morning.

Everyday some tired and some energetic students have to go through the long lines of security. All you hear is the sounds of heavy complaints and the beeping of metal detectors telling you to stop or to go. Its nerve wracking to know someone may be carrying a potential weapon , but it’s even more so knowing your going to be late to class and now  another tardy will be under your name. “ I hate the security lines there so unnecessary, and take forever to get through.” said sophomore Sanaa Harvey .

When making the journey to school there can be a lot of stuff on your mind especially if it’s about school. On the bus texting your friend trying to meet up but then being stopped by an endless line of ticked off teenagers is not the move. Walking down the hallway and seeing the big red letters on the clocks lining the halls reading 8:40 is a very stressful situation to be in especially if you’re upperclassmen and have to be up at the 9th – 11th floor. “It’s already 8:45 and now you have to hear the annoyed teachers scold you for being late , even though it wasn’t your fault.” said by sophomore Autumn Alexander.

For some reason students believe pushing and shoving will get you through life. Waiting in a long line is already irritating but being pushed and shoved all the way to the front is the worst. The police officers holding their tired arms out trying to get students from crossing the barrier from madness and peace. “I hate when I’m standing in line and out of nowhere someone pushes me from behind.” said by junior Jakiala. Wishing to be at the front and actually being there are two different things, so I could understand why students may think pushing and shoving will get them their faster. Simply standing in a line should never be a long game of bumper cars.

The security lines  at North Atlanta High School is like being in a huge traffic jam the constant beeping of impatient drivers are the sounds of students yelling to the people in the front to hurry up. There are place where you’d expect the indignities of a security line. The airport. At a nightclub. Maybe even going to a football game. But there’s something that just feels wrong about enduring a security line every day at my high school. So I’m up for change — and I’m down on security lines.