Prom Preparation is in Full Force



Big Night: Margaret Gustafson pins a boutonniere on her date Caleb Burns. The two were juniors when this photo was taken.

All throughout junior and senior year, there are many stress attacks, long study sessions, multiple Saturdays spent preparing for ACT, not to mention daily chores and homework. However, prom is no easy feat either. Finding the perfect dress, a group to go with, and getting cute pictures — something more stressful than you think — are only scratching the surface when it comes to this big event which this year will be held at the Marriott Marquis on April. 14.

When many junior and senior girls think of prom, the perfect dress comes into their mind. Stores like Belk, Lulu’s, Neimans, Revolve and Anthropologie are few stores North Atlanta girls hit. Despite these great options, it’s very difficult to find a dress, which isn’t tacky, that another girl doesn’t already have, and that isn’t overpriced. However, occasionally you’ll find a great dress, which isn’t too expensive. “Prom dresses are very overpriced, especially the cute and good quality ones,” said junior Addie Derrick. “It is very annoying because it’s a dress you might only wear once.”

Another very stressful part of prom is finding who to go with. Do you just go with your friends or do you go with a date? If you decide to go with a date, who do you go with? Once you find who your going with, getting cute pictures before all of the fun happens is a whole other story. Prom can actually tend to be more stressful, causing people to plan months in advance, which adds an unnecessary amount of stress on a person’s normal hectic life. “Prom is super stressful. It’s annoying you have to think about every single detail so everything will go well,” said Ryann Douglas.

Another interesting fact about this year’s prom is being held at the same place and time as Grady’s prom. This double-booking of APS high schools has occasioned many mixed feelings. However, despite any negative feeling the two proms will be on different sides of the building, providing individual experiences. “I think it could be fun for our proms to be on the same night,” said senior Khayla Johnson. “We’ll definitely beat their style.”

Even though prom maybe in the same place as Grady, it will still be a night to remember. Whether it’s dancing the night away with your friends or taking it easy on the sidelines, prom will be a great experience.