Rapper “Nino G” Wants to Put North Atlanta High School on the Map

As a music writer for the Warrior Wire, I always want to showcase the successful artists we have here at North Atlanta High School. There are several, and Drew Williams, a senior, is among the best. However, most wouldn’t recognize him by the name Drew, because when rapping, he goes by the name “Nino G”.He recently released his first song “Extravagant: Everything Look Pretty”. The song was produced by Big Play Entertainment and has 584 views on YouTube.

Q: What inspired you to do music and spread your music culture through North Atlanta High school?

A: It really was my dad who inspired me. He has his own record label that’s called Big Play Entertainment. So all my life I have always been around music. I decided to test my new song out by playing it to folks around the school. This place is like my second home and I wanted to see what those closest to me thought about my music.

Q: What is some of the feedback have you received from spreading your music through the school? Have your teachers heard your music?

A: I’ve gotten a lot of good feedback that consists and questions about any new singles or even when I’m going to put together a new mix tape.

Q: Has your music ever been featured at a North Atlanta event?

A: Not yet, but I sure would love it if I could!

Q: How has North Atlanta helped to boost your music career, and how has this school – more so than other APS schools – helped you advance your career or help you develop as an artist?

A: This is a very diverse school, more diverse than other APS school so this place in particular lets me spread my music through other cultures.

Q: How many years have you been doing music, and how many years would you say you’ve really been focused on it as a serious artist?

A: I’ve been at it since I was around 10. But it’s really only been in the last two years where I’ve considered this my real aspiration.

Q: Describe your music in one word – and what does your music mean to you? I would describe music as art because you have to paint a picture of what people can perceive you as. I’m made up of a lot of pieces. Let’s just say I try to be a Picasso!

Q: Do you have any new singles on the way? And are there any plans to perform your singles at the school talent show?

A: My newest single is called “Katrina: and I do plan on performing it at any talent show we have here at North Atlanta.

Q: Do you think North Atlanta can help you build your fan base? How do you think your school can help your career take off?

A: North Atlanta is key! It’s such a big school and everyone is looking for something great to come out of it. I want to be a part of that. I want to spread the word about all the talent we have here.

Q: What advice can you give to any up-and-coming artist who wants to make it in the entertainment business?

A: The biggest thing is this: Don’t ever let anyone discourage you or try to change your mindset about what you’re trying to do.