Ms. Valenzuela, A ‘Perfecta’ Teacher


Nicki Spector

Ms. V is a staple in the mathematics department here at NAHS.

North Atlanta’s own Ms.Valenzuela, with over twenty years of teaching experience, has become a chief asset in the North Atlanta community. Students adore her classes, love her wholesome attitude, and regard her as the only teacher who can make even IB Math seem slightly bearable.

  A well-seasoned teaching veteran, Ms.Valenzuela, or “Ms. V,” has graced our hallowed halls with over 14 years of learning. Before venturing into the educational field, Ms. Valenzuela studied engineering at Mapúa University (formerly known as Mapúa Institute of Technology) where she completed her bachelor’s degree in engineering. Valenzuela later earned her Masters degree in both Engineering and Education, fully equipping her for a full future in the classroom. Following many successful years in the engineering field and some time as a college professor, Ms. V made the daunting transition from engineering, to possibly one of the most extreme careers in the business, high school education.

Of all people born to be a teacher, Ms. V takes the cake. Well-known for her sweet demeanor and can-do attitude, there is no other faculty member who comes close to Ms. Valenzuela’s connection and understanding with her students.

Almost every NAHS scholar who has taken her class describes their experience as surprisingly engaging and massively invaluable to their future understanding and knowledge of the subject. Despite any academic obstacles, with the combination of the right teacher and motivation, any student can hold the keys to success. Ms. V describes her various stem courses as each individually challenging, yet meticulously tailored to adapt to the strengths and weaknesses of each of her students. Ms. V has been able to teach all levels of math from ninth grade to IB courses, further expanding her love for her position. “I try my best to leave my students ready for college and help them reach their highest potential,” said Ms. V “It is very rewarding to see students grow and succeed.”

Ms. Valenzuela describes her role as as one here to help and support her students even when they think they cannot succeed. Students who have long moved on from their high-school years still use notes and techniques passed on to them by Ms. V. After years of dedicated teaching, Ms. Valenzeula describes North Atlanta as her second home. “I love place, I love people and I love the students,” said Ms. Valenzuela, “I’d like to thank everyone for good year and for many, many more. I’m not going anywhere.”