The Grade Race: Students Rush to Bring Up Grades


Bennett Speir

Under Pressure: Sophomore Asia Smith is one of many North Atlanta students seeking to get all the work in before the semester ends.

As the school year comes to a close, most students are relaxing as they reflect on the hard work they’ve done over the year. However, for a select few, the end of the school year is no time for relaxation. That’s right, It’s the end-of-year rush to bring up those few slacking grades and it’s every procrastinators nightmare.

It’s like clockwork. Every year the same process proceeds itself. Students begin to check their grades, turn in those few pesky missing assignments and start to study for finals.  For a few, these last few weeks before summer are a time for redemption as they attempt to bring their 30 percent in that unlucky class up to an “A” before their parents find out.

It’s a struggle that’s common to many. Sophomore Asia Smith says that for her the rush to bring her grades up is annual sprint to the finish. “I’m really relaxed throughout all of the school year, but at the end of the year I have to cram for every class,” said Smith. “So far it’s worked out.”

As far as her teachers are concerned, it’s a worrying habit. “My teachers always worry about me,” she said. “I have tell them not to because I always get A’s.”

Sophomore Cecilia Affer feels the end-of-year rush to bring up grades has not only affected her mentally, but physically. “These grades are the most stressful thing i’ve had to deal with,” said Affer. “I’m getting chronic migraines from all this stress.”

Affer said she knows that it would be easier turn in work on time. She said — for the future — she’s resolved to do it. But, still, there are doubts. “I know that I should just do my work on time but I kind of know i’m not going to do it,” she said.  

As this year comes to a close, it’s important to remember those who are working hard to redeem their mid-year malaise and bring those grades up to a graduation worthy standard. O tired procrastinator: Remember this in your struggle: As you stay up late and cram away, there are 11 stories of tired students in the exact same sad race.