Big Concert Plans Kickoff Students’ Summer Plans


Bethany Creaven

BIG SHOW: Sophomores Megan Self, Abbey Easterwood and Anna Martin take in the Kendrick Lamar concert on May 25 at Lakewood Amphitheatre.

The school year is filled with many stressful factors, which tend to complicate one’s life. From dealing with difficult teachers to many hours of homework, summer is the time of year, enjoyed by all especially students. What better way to kick off the season by attending a concert by a popular act or artist?

This summer there are many artists coming to Atlanta. These acts range from Khalid and Kendrick Lamar at the beginning of summer and huge acts like Kesha and Taylor Swift at summer’s end at the end of July right before school begins again.

Many people have mixed feeling about whether going to a concert during finals week is worth it after a long year of work to possibly negatively affect their final score. On the other hand, after such hard work all year, one should reward themselves and have some fun. Also, concerts being expensive are another debatable factor.

Despite lack of studying and expense, many North Atlanta students air on the side of attending concerts, no matter what. High school, after all, can be very stressful throughout the year, with very little breaks given, so students view concerts at the end of the school as a fun reward. “I believe concerts are a fun event to go to destress from the school year and transition oneself into a relaxed mentality,” said sophomore Hannah Hume.

In recent years, many students are switching their finals schedules around in order to not a test the day after a concert. Since concerts can become an all night event, with traffic and long lines, no studying is able to be accomplished. To avoid failing a final, students just ask their teacher to take the test earlier, and the plan is set in place. “I would change my schedule around because concerts don’t happen everyday, unlike how often test are given,” said sophomore Megan Self.

With so many amazing rappers, pop singers, and country artists coming to Atlanta this summer, NAHS students have much to look forward too, for motivation to finish their finals strong.