Former Private School Students Embrace Change by Going North


Olivia Chewning

Public Life: Sophomore Eve Smith and freshmen Libby Carroll and Ava Tomlin adjust to life from private to public school in NAHS.

North Atlanta High School has recently become a hotspot for private school transfers. Whether it’s the mesmerizing 11 stories or the friendly students and staff, NAHS has welcomed a variety of new students with open arms. They have left their well-manicured campuses and high tuition in the past and are ready to build their new future here at APS’s public school in Buckhead.

For those who love North Atlanta, there are a million reasons to attend school here. But the question that everyone’s asking is why students would decide to leave their private schools behind them. Students have left their old schools for a variety of reasons, whether it’s the lack of academic opportunity, a lack of school diversity, or the more restrictive environment common to a private school. For whatever reason they are here, they now traded lives as a Pace Knight, a Lovett Lion, or a Westminster Wildcat to become a North Atlanta Warrior.

New North Atlanta sophomore Eve Smith was a student at Lovett for four years. This year, she made the move to our school across the street. “Lovett just wasn’t the right fit for me,” Smith said. “I think that the people here are just more welcoming and I’m just really excited to be at a new school with a fresh start.”

Many new students have been adjusting to the Warrior Way since the start of this year and have found several key differences in the way North Atlanta works versus their previous school. For most newbies, big contrasts include the big school population that makes for a more diverse and action-packed high school experience, massive population, crowded stairwells, and the school’s iconic 11 stories. “The biggest difference for me was probably the amount of people and big classes,” said Lindsey Eden, a sophomore who had attended Woodward Academy. “But it is definitely worth it for the amount of freedoms they give us and having such a fun class.”

Newly transferred students get to reap the many benefits of everyday life here at NAHS. For some it’s the relaxed dress code, and for others it’s just a nice change in scenery. The diverse culture and the variety of classes provided at North Atlanta creates a welcoming environment for those ready to put their private school days behind them. “One of the best parts about North is that I can grow out my hair way longer than at Lovett,” said sophomore, J.R. Chambers, “Plus, I get to flex my tuition with my brand new car.”  

First-time Warriors are getting to see what North Atlanta is all about. Whether you come from far, wide, or just right around the corner, the school is known to welcome all newcomers with open arms. And just think, a great education, no tuition, all along with a built-in Stairmaster that goes up 11 stories.