Marvelous Mullets: Business in the Front, Party in the Back


Olivia Chewning

Back to Retro: The 80’s are back among Gen Zers in the form of mullets. Among those rocking the backdated look at North are Sophomores Mark O’Meara and Will Adams along with junior Jack Kiefer.

The boys of North Atlanta High School are sporting a new ‘do this year: mullets. Those who follow hairy matters have noticed that the iconic 80s hairstyle has taken the school by storm. And — as you might expect — this uber-dated look has people both intrigued and appalled.

Even though mullets are new to North Atlanta, to many hardened veterans of the 80s they are are nothing they haven’t seen before. The term itself was first coined by hip hop group The Beastie Boys in their hit song “Mullet Head.” Mullet toting stars like David Bowie and Paul McCartney have served as inspiration for mullet wearers around the globe. However, some Warriors have claimed the mullet as their own. Junior Jack Kiefer appreciates no one’s style but his own. “My inspiration is myself,” he said.

So what about the mullet is so appealing? The motivations range from trying to make bold fashion statements to simply wanting a change from the normal trim. Sophomore Mark O’Meara is a fan of this funky style. “ I enjoy having long hair, but I always get tired of it when it gets in my eyes, so I kept it short in the front and long in the back,” he said.

Mullets have become the unofficial uniform for some ambitious Warrior boys. Mullet fever is in full force and the short, no-nonsense front and wild back peg is garnering plenty of looks and raised eyebrows in the school’s hallways. Sophomore Will Adams thinks the reasons for people adopting the trend are sports related. “A lot of guys started wearing mullets for playoffs and summer teams,” he said, “and I think other guys liked them and started growing their own.”

Armed with their helmet of hair and air of confidence, these boys don’t care they are not following modern trends in hairstyles. These “mullet heads” have brought the timeless look back from the dead. Like a zombie rising from the grave have proven again and again that they will not die.